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Atlas Party Rentals

Emergency and rush delivery of rentals is our specialty!

Table Rental

Our most popular rentals are our tables and chairs. We have a variety of table sizes in Rectangular or Round, as well as Specialty Tables such as Bridge Tables, Snack Tables, or Serpentine Tables. Our Table Chart & Seating Guide will help you determine the size you need. Our most popular Chair styles are Plastic Folding Chairs, Wooden Chairs with Padded Seat (available in white or black) and our Ballroom (reception) Chairs.

Don't forget to check out our wide selection of Table skirts, Tablecloths, Napkins and Chair covers on our Linens page, where you will find a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns to suit your tastes and party decor.

Table Rentals
Table Chart & Seating Guide
Shape Size Seats
Rectangle 4' x 30" 4-6 (each)
Rectangle 6' x 30" 8-10 (each)
Rectangle 8' x 30" 10-12 (each)
Rectangle 6' x 24" 8 (each)
Rectangle 8' x 24" 10 (each)

Round 30" Cocktail 2-4 (each)
Round 36" 4-6 (each)
Round 48" 6-8 (each)
Round 54" 8-9 (each)
Round 60" 8-10 (each)
Round 66" 9-11(each)
Round 72" 10-12 (each)
Specialty Tables
Bridge Tables Snack Tables (wooden top) 6' x 18" Table
Kiddie Tables Not listed? Call to inquire. 
TOLL FREE (800) 695-6565

They come 24" or 30" in diameter (your choice), and they come 30" or 42" in height (again, your choice).  42" heights are ideal for standing around.  When used that way some customers call them "airport tables".

Looking for a special item? Please ask for it.

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